Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas Eve



Christmas Eve is my favorite night. We have so many tiny traditions that the kids have remembered year after year, and would never let me forget. We visit my dad and Dan's mom. We exchange gifts, eat, laugh, and enjoy each other.
But what I most enjoy, is the quiet night with our little family. We say "good-bye" to Buddy. This is the only time we get to touch him, so it's very special for the kids to give him a hug and thank him for spending December with us. We sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn, and leave cookies and milk for Santa. We also leave him a special note and key (since we don't have a fireplace). We tell Santa that we appreciate him and his gifts and let him know that Jesus is the best gift of all. We read the Bible and cuddle. Time slows down as we anticipate the morning that is to come. Knowing that God sent His son to die for our sins so we may join Him in heaven one day is incomprehensible, but through faith and the reading of His word, we know this is true and we are so grateful for God's grace and being able to start each day anew.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Our Pokey Little Puppy


Henry goes to the same preschool his sisters went to, and they have put on the same Christmas play for years, so this is our 5th time seeing it. That sounds crazy! Even though, I know what's coming, I have cried every year. Henry was a puppy given as a gift on Christmas morning. He was adorable. His smile was huge. He was so proud, and his "woof woof" was just perfect. He blew me kisses from stage (melt me heart), yelled out: "hi Daddy," and waved to all of us. His very best friend, Penny, was Raggedy Ann. They were so sweet together, holding hands and looking out for each other. Next year, will be our last preschool play EVER and I'm sure I will need an entire box of tissues.


Monday, January 4, 2016

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Every year, we host a crafty playdate to kick off Christmas vacation. We had 8 mommies and their kids over for some creativity and treats.

December would not be complete without making a gingerbread house. It's funny what the kids remember. This year, I had to change the dates on our activities in the advent calendar, but they didn't actually change at all.

Grammy was is grandbaby heaven with all five kids in the same place for 4 days. We absolutely love cousin time, and are already looking forward to Lodi in the summer!

The girls went to cookie decorating parties. We are so blessed that they have both found a wonderful group of girl friends.

The kids participated in a children's nativity with the families from our life group at church. Henry was a shepherd. Iris was an angel, and Lilly was a wise man. Teaching them about the true meaning of Christmas is so important.

It wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas tree!

Henry had his first real playdate, and couldn't have been happier!

Of course, we spent the month with Buddy, our elf. He's old, so he doesn't do all the crazy things those young elves are up to!

Both girls had fabulous times at their Christmas parties at school. I had to work, and was bummed to miss them. Thank God for my wonderful mommy friends who send me pictures throughout the day!
Iris had to make a gingerbread man for a school project. Of course she made a gingerbread bunny!

Dinner date with our life group was a blast!

 The sing-a-round at my school makes me cry every year. It's the sweetest.

The neighborhood bonfire and potluck on the 23rd is so special. Driving around the block in Steve's Austin Healy is a favorite. All the kids line up to wait their turn. He's such a great guy.

Lilly's soccer season ended with a rock climbing adventure. Her coach said the team's spirit started with her!
Dan completed his 5th guitar this month. I am constantly impressed with his craftsmanship and creativity. Plus he's super cute!