Monday, October 27, 2014

October fest!

Octoberfest began with the girls' Fall Festival on Friday. I volunteered to decorate two pumpkins for Lilly's class and to work a shift in Iris' game both with ah good friend. The pumpkins were raffled off to raise money for the school. Dan stayed home with the boy, and my mom came with me. It was such a fun night filled with sweets, laughter, and games, and stayed a lot longer that we had planned.

Saturday night, we went to Pumpkin Glow in Irvine where 1500 jack 'o' lanterns were lit in a continuous line, breaking the old world record. It was super crowded, parking and traffic were a bear, but it was so worth it. A police officer who was directing traffic said the event expected 4,000 people, but it looked like 10,000 came out. Henry slept the entire time and the girls were super sweet to each other. The littles fell asleep on the drive home, so Dan took me to Kean coffee. I tired their yummy Turkish coffee and Lilly got a steamed vanilla milk. She was so happy to be awake with her parents. I wanted to freeze the moment. They are growing up so fast.

Sunday morning, we went to the pumpkin patch to play some games, pet some animals, take some pictures, and ride some rides. Everyone had a blast and I bought our pumpkins at Sprouts!
It was a whirlwind of a weekend, with two birthday parties, a soccer game, church, and a 31 bags party thrown in, but I wouldn't change a thing!

Monday, October 13, 2014



I've known Hendricks had asthma for awhile now. His pediatrician wouldn't say it until he had 5 instances in a year, but I think we all knew it to be true. A few weeks ago, Henry woke up with a clear, snotty nose. He acted fussy all day, and even took an unusually early/long nap. When he woke up, I knew something was wrong. I gave him a breathing treatment and then another, and nothing changed. When Dan got home from work, we took Henry to the ER. We thought they would give him some steroids, and a few heavy duty breathing treatments and send us home.
 They did a chest x-ray, took his blood, and gave him steroids along with five breathing treatments. He showed no improvement. At 4am, we were transferred to CHOC and admitted into their pediatric intensive care unit. I never worried about his life and was never really afraid, but I was sad for him. The entire experience was very traumatic and the fear in his eyes was heartbreaking. (We had gone through the same thing with Iris and I could not believe this was happening again). 
There are so many things I want to remember, like when he said, "Go to playground right now!" and how the nurses on the transport team gave him a teddy bear and played Frozen for him in the ambulance and how he held on to his sippy cup like it was a stuffed animal from home, never actually drinking from it, but never letting go and how at one point he threw his arms around me, and said "Love you, mama."
But what I mostly want to remember how close I felt to God. Through social media, I was able to ask for help... for prayers. We felt our friends and family praying for us. When I was alone, crying in our little room, I knew I wasn't alone. HE was with me. Our loved ones were with us. 
The last day, Hendricks ripped out his IV and really wanted to go for a walk. He was tied to a few machines, making this difficult. When he finally fell asleep, his oxygen saturation level dipped more than it should. Three times, the nurse was ready, cannula in hand, to give him oxygen again. If she did, we would have to stay another night. Three times, I prayed fervently for this not to happen, the last time I prayed out loud, laying hands on my son. His levels came up just enough, and they gave us the option to go home. We chose home because there is no place like it. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Check Us Out!!

Almost three years after this kindergarten teacher taught her class a very "common core" math lesson, we are still making an impression (even if it is a little one)!
The How To Be a Dad blog shared our pregnancy announcement on his blog. Sooo fun!
Looking back at this blog post makes me a bit weepy. It's hard to believe Hendircks is already two and a half, and I will never be pregnant again (insert tears)!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Go Team Go!



Lilly decided she was through with dance classes after her last recital.  With a sigh and a silent good bye to that little girl who was so excited to be a vallerina, I signed her up for soccer at her request. Summer soccer camp was not all it was cracked up to be. BOYS were there! One in particular decided to kick his ball at the back of her calves daily and splash water on her. It was hot and there was a lot of running involved. When we told Lilly she would be starting on a soccer team in the fall, she was mad... really mad.
I never thought of myself as a pushy parent who needs to have her children be well rounded with athletic teams, piano lessons, music or drawing classes. I figured they would love something and that's what they would do. Problem solved.
I was not prepared for her to give up before she really started. We told her, she made a commitment to her new team (and her parents couldn't get their money back) and had to uphold that commitment until the season was over. At that time, if she still hated soccer, she wouldn't have to sign up for another season.
Lilly being Lilly, kept a record in her journal of days she liked soccer and days she hated it. She complained for the first few practices and even cheered a resounding, "YES!" with a fist pump when her coach put someone else in for her at her first game. She has been hit in the face with the ball, lost every game so far, and been kicked in the shins, but after what has seemed like a small miracle, she has more tallies under the like side of her soccer record sheet! Whew. We are so glad we had her stick to it. It has been a great lesson for our self taught reader at age four to realize that not everything comes easily, and sometimes we still have things to learn.