Thursday, March 26, 2015

My First Born



Iris and I are going to Colorado to visit some friends in April. I know this isn't "fair" to Lilly or Henry, but Dan and I are also very clear with our kids that fair doesn't mean equal. Opportunities come up at different times, for different people, and in the end it all comes out in the wash. I'm happy to report that our crew seems to be accepting this reality. That being said, it did put the idea in my head that I wanted to spend some one on one time with my first born too, so I decided a night away would do us good. I booked a room at Hotel Irvine and asked Lilly what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to jump on the bed, go bowling, listen to Taylor Swift, and do some sewing. Sounded great to me. The hotel was modern, big, yet independent enough to be really cool for her. They had tons of candy in the lobby, a heated pool, awesome restaurant, beautiful lobby, free breakfast, and a gorgeous room. I told Dan that we need to go for a night away sometime. I was planning on taking her out to dinner, but we wound up eating in the room. We danced, sewed, read, played games, and relaxed until check out the next morning. Then we headed straight to the bowling ally. We had so much time left before we met the family at church, that I talked her into shopping at Fashion Island after lunch (not her favorite past time). Lilly was spoiled with two new chapter books, some cute clothes at Forever 21, and pics in a photo booth (her idea and she planned all poses). She was so appreciative the entire time and kept telling me, "It's ok. You don't have to." I also got to hear an ear full about her friends, she never once gave me a dirty look, and she told me she loved me time and time again for no reason.
Lilly can be sooooo frustrating. She talks back, argues, questions our judgment, picks on her brother and sister, and at the same time is kind, independent, smart, thoughtful, wants to help, loves Jesus, and is growing up. The older she gets, the more I realize how much we are alike. She may look like her daddy, but she is her mommy through and through! and I love her dearly.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Up Up & Away, It's Two Birthdays!








We had a SUPER fun time celebrating Iris and Hendricks this weekend. It's hard to believe they are already 6 and 3! Where does the time go? (and I still haven't finished Henry's baby book)! Lots and lots of family and friends came out dressed as super heroes (Iris' idea) to play, bounce, and spend time with us. The kids felt loved and were very happy. Henry was slow to warm up, but once he did, he bounced and slid his little heart out. Iris was all smiles, soaking up the attention with the biggest grin on her face. Dan said it was time to go to a birthday party place, after last year's time consuming cowgirl & cowboy party (seen here, here, and here) and he was right. I still got to have some special touches, and our house remained intact. Awesome idea, super dad!

Sunday, March 8, 2015



Hendricks is three! I can not keep up with how fast life is flying by. My baby, my boy, my last... is three. He chose his birthday to potty train himself, woke up Friday, asked for underpants, and hasn't had a mistake since. He is funny, stubborn, smart, charming,  and a bit naughty. He can read over 30 sight words, knows all his letters, and most of their sounds. He knows how to push his sister's buttons AND how to get them to do things for him. He loves to climb, jump, throw, and run. He's a great dancer and gives the most amazing hugs. Happy birthday, Hendricks California Michael! We love you.