Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Our Little Star


I can not tell you how proud I was of Iris at her first grade play! Seriously, she rocked it, like I should put her in commercials or something. Her little speech impediment is adorable and her smile was permanent. When other kids were picking their noses, yawning, and zoning out (all acceptable behavior when you are six), Iris was smiling and singing her heart out. She was hands down the best cranberry I have ever witnessed! We are so glad we took off from work to be there.
"Cranberries. Cranberries, we have thrown off our chains, and now we must reach for the sky! No crummy squash is going to shove us cranberries out of our rightful place in the middle of the meal."

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, Oh MY!



Whoohoo! Another magical year, the kids humored their mama with matching costumes. I love them so. My heart swells when I see our tiny crew running around the neighborhood, yelling "thank you!" with gigantic smiles on their faces. I remind myself that it is all worth it. They ate as much candy as they wanted that night, which surprisingly wasn't much, and life returned to normal the very next day. Happy Halloween!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!


We hosted a few friends for pumpkin carving and cupcakes the day before Halloween. Traditions are so much more fun with friends. I'm always happy when there's chatter, squeals, and laughter filling up our home. This year, Lilly carved her own from start to finish, and the dads finished up when everyone else petered out. It was a perfect night! Henry cried when everyone left. He never like to see good times come to an end.